About us

What can we do for you?
FindDataLab is a web scraping service that helps you get data for all your business requirements. We take care of all your data needs, be it Web scraping, Reputation monitoring, Custom price tracking, Marketing analysis, Research, or competitor analysis.

Who is FindDatalab?
A few years ago, our CEO was searching the internet to get reliable data for one of his ventures. The available data extraction options were expensive, automated and pre-collected. There was also no guarantee that the data will be accurate and authentic.

This sparked an idea to create a web scraping service that is easy, reliable, authentic and customised for each required data. Thus FindDatalab was born.
What is our motto?
Turn any website into data and have it delivered directly to you in any format.
Why us?
Being a web scraping provider, we believe every business is unique and requires attention. Our client does not only want to acquire some data but to solve his problem. This gives us a unique advantage over our competitors.

Over time, we have incorporated our mission to our services; this includes:
Real human interaction
We believe every client deserves attention. Every client of ours is assigned a member of our team to discuss his needs and results. The assigned resource also guides the client on how to optimise his requirement to get what he needs.
Full-service provider
Once assigned, we take care of the whole process from start to end, giving you time and energy to focus on more critical tasks.
Customised pricing
Our pricing model is unique for every task. That helps save cost for each client, as bundling services together might force our client to buy a service that is not yet needed.
We provide a business case solution
We are here to solve your business case, not only to sell you the data. Sometimes businesses are not transparent what kind of data they need. We listen to your use case and help you get things done with data.
We inform If we cannot help
If we cannot help you in your request, we communicate directly and explain the reason, no beating around the bush or sell something that is not useful for you.
Easy refund
Our refund policy will leave you satisfied and without worry. If our sample does not meet your expectations, you can get a refund with a few simple clicks.
We believe in open communication and new ideas.

Talk to us right now and see if we are a good fit.