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Datasets for Machine Learning

In training artificial intelligence, selecting the right material is an essential step.
If you are now busy creating your artificial intelligence, then you are definitely wondering what to "feed" it with.
You surely know that many data is publicly available. And we will not make a secret out of it.
But still, you probably have strict database requirements because not all databases are suitable for your system.

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important steps in working with data foR ML

Data collection
The quality and quantity of the data ultimately affect the accuracy of the result.
It is important to remember that more data doesn't always mean better results. Every project is unique. Good data quality helps you achieve accurate results.

Data preparation
It may seem that data collection is sufficient, but it is the opposite.
Training dataset and test dataset are two interrelated entities. But each of them has its characteristics in structure.

Data for machine learning
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Where can I find open data for machine learning?
https://medium.com/@finddatalab - check out the medium blog
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We provide Data scientist outsourcing. You can choose if you want to pay hourly or for the project. Just leave your inquiry.