Web scraping service

Turn any website into data and have it delivered directly to you in any format
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Web scraping service
Turn any website into data and have it delivered directly to you in any format
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Web scraping service use cases

Website scraping service allows you to scrape data from website and transfer thousands of pages into an easy-to-use format such as Excel, CSV, JSON and many others. No-coding all-inclusive solution.
web scraping tool
Scrape data from any website
This use-case of the site scraping service allows you to extract data from almost any website. Our service will carefully crawl through required pages that contain the data you need. For example, it can be a product catalog, a company list, yellow pages, statistical data, online price tags, text content and many more. One of the most popular format to receive the data from web scraping is an Excel file, but you can get in any form. Check out our web scraping legal guide to see if your project complies with GDPR, CCPA and other data protection regulation or contact our team for more information.
Reputation Monitoring
Social media website scraping
Are you looking for a solution that will help you watch how your or competitor's brand is performing online? This web scraping service case can help you extract data from various channels so you can track changes in the mood of your consumers and followers. You can collect data such as followers, engagement rate, likes-comment ratio, general audience quality score, influencers emails, reviews and many more. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Yelp, Review Finder and many other social media platforms can be your source of influencer marketing data. With our technology, you can easily find influencers or perform Instagram fake followers check.
price tracking solution
Price tracking and price monitoring
Price monitoring allows you to track competitors prices and optimize your marketing strategy. Price tracking is often a basis for e-commerce price intelligence. With this web scraping service, you will be able to extract pricing data from various websites and have it delivered in a convenient form for your marketing teams such as in an Excel format or directly to your CRM. You can get the required data on daily, weekly or monthly bases. In some cases, such as monitoring online auctions, we can do a site scraping service on an hourly basis.
 Google search scraper
Data for researchers
If you are working for a college, university or any other research institution and you need data for your project or study, FindDataLab can set up a customized web scraper. Service involves web scraping to support your data collection technique as well as data analysis, data visualization, reliability and validity check. You can get easy to use datasets and import them into Excel, Stata, NVivo or any other data analysis software. This web scraping service supports collecting data for both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Check out our research grant to see if you are eligible for a discount.

Dataset for ML
Labor market data
This use case of web scraping service allows you to collect job data from various websites containing job lists, vacancies and other human resource management data. You can use this data to monitor the performance of the labor market, discover trends, perform statistical analysis or use it in any other form. Please note that web scraping service is only possible if you comply with data protection regulation such as GDPR since there may be a restriction to set up a web scraper. Service mandatory includes compliance validation. Please check our web scraping legal guide or contact our customer success team to determine if your project is possible.
web scraping services provider
Sales leads and marketing
Marketing managers, pricing managers and analytics can benefit from web scraping service by adding value to their work with up to date easy to use data. Use cases includes website analysis for search engine optimization, discovering marketing data from a variety of sources and many more. Sales managers can benefit by collecting information about the potential customer from a catalog or an open list. Further on, we can enrich this information with corporate data such as company revenue, number of employees, online brand performance and in many other ways. If you do not know the best sources for your data, our customer success team is here to help you.
Everything that is available on the web can be a source for your data.

If you do not see your case here, brainstorming with our customer success team is a great option to check out if your ideas can come true. FindDataLab experts have experience in a variety of fields offering non-standard unique web scraper architecture and service to supply you with the data you need. From deep web search to collecting sports statistical data, web scraping service can help you in the modern competitive environment. Check it out for yourself; scrape data from any website.

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Recent web scraping service cases

An investment fund from the USA
This investment fund was looking for a review tracking system to discover how companies from their portfolio are performing online. Our online reputation management solution is benefiting this client by tracking mentions from major review websites. The web scraper is searching for positive and negative reactions from customer reviews and delivering results on a weakly basis. In such a case, the fund can track the performance of the startup and discover any issues with it almost instantly; way before an official report.
Pricing intelligence consultants from Belgium
The request came from a pricing intelligence consulting firm with a rather typical task of price tracking. The goal was to collect pricing information from several e-commerce websites and deliver data in an Excel format. Some of these websites had anti-scraping protection, so our team implemented a proxy rotation and captcha solving. One of the sites was an auction house with continually changing prices, so the best solution was to monitor price change on an hourly basis.
Attorney & Law Firm from Austria
This web scraping service is another example of a review tracking system implementation. A law firm was working on a case against a supplier who sold bad quality tractors for the farm. The law firm thought about filing a сlass action lawsuit rather than working on a single case. Our solution was to track down negative reviews of this tractor supplier and identify other companies that have suffered from the quality of the product. As a result, the law firm received a report containing information about other companies in the EU had the same issues with this supplier.
An insurance agency from Germany
The goal of an insurance startup from Germany was to create a map containing disaster information for the last 100 years all over the EU. Our task was to collect data from Wikipedia about all significant disasters such as train and airplane crashes, car accidents and others. The collected data also had addresses, casualties and other info. The insurance agency dataset required a GPS location, so our team created an address-to-GPS converter. The dataset was delivered in JSON format. The overall goal of this project was to do online and offline advertisement of insurance services near the locations of the disasters. Such advertisement now contains accurate information about an accident or a disaster that happened nearby. With this data marketing communication campaign now shows higher conversion and retention rates. Such a case is an example of multi-step complicated data collection, enrichment, cleansing and management. Data from Wikipedia comes out in unstructured format and requires intelligent internet scraping.
Group of researchers from Sweden
Researchers and students often have limited budgeting. Regardless of that, there are still ways to outsource some if not all of the web scraping. Service included collecting data from an interactive map that contained minerals, coal and other resources of Indonesia. There was no English version of the website, so our web scraper also had to translate data on the go.
Sports analytic company from the United Kingdom
For this project, we have collected horse and greyhound stats. In the data set, we have included race venue, runners, participant's statistics, date, time, distance, grade, prize, dog or horse name, trainer's name and lots of other data. The analysis included information about each runner's previous races and performance stats, including dates, position, odds, split, and race comments.
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Web scraping service typical data output formats

This list contains the most popular formats, but you can receive your data in any exotic form you like :-)
CSV, Excel
Most convenient to use for day to day business activities..
TXT, PDF, Image
Suitable when building a collection of documents or texts.
JSON, FTP, Web scraping API
For developers and when there is an intensive data-flow.
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