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 Google search scraper
Marketing Analysis & Research
Data collection for marketing research is a detailed process, which needs the data. It is necessary to constantly monitor the situation on the market.
Web Data is a great source for your marketing goals. Let's look at the example.
Сheck how frequently the topic is mentioned in search engines results pages.
Sometimes it may seem that the topic has already studied. But you can check the topic in greater detail. In this situation, Google search scraper for data collection is the most useful and convenient way.
How business use data gathered by Finddatalab

web scraping service providers
Data Collection Service
We collect datasets from reliable sources that allow gathering information. For example, to create a contact list for building executives, we'd use platforms like LinkedIn, Google Maps, Angel List, and others.
If you are a B2B business and you need to check market reaction, you can be interested in B2B-contacts for customer development interview or getting the first product testers/followers.
Use Case: You need a contact list of family brands hotels around the United States in doc. We will help you to create such dataset.

web scraping services provider
Tools for Developers
How to create Web Scraper to collect information?
We provide a parsing API that turns HTML into structured data even when the website changes. Forget the maintenance burden and focus on finding the value in your data.

No need to install browser extensions, download any tools, set up proxy servers. Just open your web browser. Web scraping as a service is a great way to optimize your developers' processes.
A Guide to success Scraping with FindDataLab
web scraping tool
Website Scraping Service
Web scraping helps companies to work with massive information. It is a good tool for dealing with data promptly. Read more about our technology.
How do I transform web data to structured data in the right format? The answer is web scraping tool.
  • website copy
  • B2B data list
  • website content
  • data spreadsheet
Any data format is supported.
Reputation Monitoring
Reputation Monitoring
Data will help you meet the targets:
  • PR & Reputation management (assess the effectiveness of advertising PR-campaigns, provide and receive more feedback).
  • Marketing (monitor customer reactions to products and competitor offers).
  • Support (resolve conflicts before they get viral, assess customer service and customer satisfaction).
  • HR (monitor feedback about the company as an employer).
Brand Reputation Monitoring for Investors
Dataset for ML
Data for AI Software & ML
Machine learning starts by getting the right data.
AI Software needs food for thought.

You could use such data as natural-image data, geospatial data, artificial data, text data, Q&A, sentiment, recommendation and ranking systems, networks and graphs, speech data, symbolic music data, health and biology data, government and statistics data for making informed predictions.
More about Datasets for Machine Learning .
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What can you do with FindDataLab?

Data Collection
We help you collect the right type of data to achieve your goals. Change web data to a smart and profitable activity.
Market Research
When it comes to market intelligence, things like competitor
price tracking and brand reputation monitoring
add value for businesses.
AI Marketing
In a world of automation, AI marketing can help you gain
a deeper insight into your audience. We will help you gather information for your AI.
Crawling Tools & Recipes
We prepare scripts (recipes) for developers and marketing specialists that allow them to leverage the power of technology and drive efficiency. We select tools for data extraction under your case.
Disparate data can be optimized (for CRM/E-mail lists/SEO/Databases). Let's keep your data in good trim.
Custom Inquiries
Customized data collection is finally here – you say the word and we'll get started on designing your custom data solution.
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Data Formats
We prepare Data in any format under your inquiry
Your Data in Any Format
Get scraped data as CSV, Excel, JSON, TXT, PDF or in any other format. Extract text and meta data from websites (html, eml, etc).
Images & URLs from a Websites
Save the images in the desigered format.
Easy Integrations
Integrate scraped data into your CRM.
FindDataLab is a web scraping services company
Use cases
#travel #e-commerce #realestate #sales #marketing #news #tourism #surveys
Brand reputation monitoring
You can improve your products or services. Track reviews, feedbacks, opinions to study reaction of the target audience.
TripAdvisor scraper
One of the cool solutions is checking TripAdvisor. Because the platform has everything we need, including reviews, websites & prices.

Amazon price tracking
Form competitive price offers using price tracking. This important data case for improving sales pipeline and avoiding losses.
Google search scraper
Grab SERP (search engines result pages) from different sources (Google/Bing/ Yahoo SERP ) and put data into a spreadsheet and made it convenient for analysis.
Scraping data from maps
If you are a B2B business and you need to check market reaction you can be interested in B2B-contacts for customer development interview or getting the first product testers/followers.
Twitter data extractor
Online mentions monitoring, brand sentiments analysis, getting data for journalism.Twitter is a data-rich platform. Accurate data extraction is the basis for creating unique content.
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