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The vast majority of people realize that information is power, both in private and business life. The Internet has brought unprecedented opportunities to find information on nearly any topic, still, here comes a challenge not to be drowned in this ocean while surfing, and get the right direction. It is particularly important when one needs to find the exact info which should be collected from online sources. The more sources are used, the more variable data are collected.

Web scraping benefits for business

Modern information technologies give us diverse tools and methods for data extraction where web scraping has proved to be the best choice. Most industries are widely using web- scraping which allows them to pick up the required information from nearly limitless amount of web pages. Its importance for successful business development can hardly be overestimated, and it is especially crucial for the travel industry. Tourism is experiencing rapid growth, and companies operating in this highly competitive market have to do their utmost to hold up well, identifying and following the market trends, not to lag behind competitors.
– Manually
Manual web page scraping can hardly be the way out for any business. It will take too much time, and will never cover as many webs as an automated data extraction does.
– Automatically, in-house
You will need to use web scraping tools to collect data. To choose the right ones and to use them properly, you will have to hire a full-time employee, web scraping specialist.
– Outsourcing web scraping
This alternative seems to be the right one for those who want to save time and reduce business costs. FindDataLab provides travel data for enterprises of every size with professional web scraping services customized for any business needs.

What can you do and achieve with the help of data collection for the travel industry?

1. You can find the best deals for your customers using the following web scraped data:
– Comprehensive listings of flights and other modes of transport with timetables and prices offered by different companies
– Data on hotels and other accommodation facilities: ratings, price lists, information on hotel amenities and additional services
– Lists of tourist attractions and/or leisure activities to choose anywhere in the world.
All these data, collected from numerous relevant and reliable websites, will help travel agencies to offer the best transport and accommodation packages to their customers including, when needed, tours or excursions a client might be interested in.

2. You can monitor your competitors and use the obtained info for your business development
– Getting price lists of different tourist companies, you will be able to monitor your
competitors' pricing and adjust yours
– Basing on the information about the variety of products and services offered by your
competitors, you can make a comparative analysis which can be helpful for your process improvement plans
– Scraping customer reviews about rival enterprises, you will come to understand their strong and weak sides
Data for monitoring your business rivals will make a perfect ground for competitive research which is highly useful for gaining an edge over competitors.

3. You can monitor customer satisfaction
Data collection for the travel industry quite often implies, inter alia, scraping your customers' opinions and reviews from social media, customer portals, online communities, and forums. Data extraction from these sources will help you to monitor and even measure your customer satisfaction and place more emphasis on a client in your activities.

4. You can always stay aware of the market trends
– Follow tourism news which can be collected by web scraping from various Internet-based sources, media portals, newsletters, etc.
– Track market trends using data extracted from travel blogs, magazines, market research reviews, and other web resources.

Being aware of the market news and trends, you always know which way the wind blows, and can update your business in response to changes when and if it is required.

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What we offer

– Fully-customized web scraping services
– Sufficiency and legality of web scraping operations carried out by us
– Fast and comprehensive data collection from numerous Internet sources
– High data accuracy
– Well-structured data delivered in readable Excel files.
Applying advanced travel tech, FindDataLab carries out fairly extensive web scraping which will
give you access to any data required. Valuable data extraction from innumerable web pages will greatly assist you in identifying areas for improvement and will make grounds for the successful sale of travel & tourism products and services to your end-customers.

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