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Data extraction

became one of the useful business tools from the CRM data extraction to price comparison. Let's turn to the popular inquiries.

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Top data extraction solution

Data extraction from a website
We provide a solution to make web data extraction easy
and accessible. We select tools for data extraction under your case. All you have to do is specify web source, the rest of us.

Data extraction from PDF
Well, sometimes there's a problem here. Important information is stored only in a pdf document, the amount of data for manual conversion is too large. Сonverting information is something we can help with.
Data extraction Excel
We'll guide you to the world of data extraction.
Convert data in any format you need.
We take over all the routine.

Clean and transform raw data
proThe processing of raw data to tidy data is an integral part of data management.
The data preparation process may be highly time-consuming.
Finddatalab is ready to support your workflow and provide clean data.

Check out the extraction possibility
After estimating the complexity of the task and the time that will be required we'll suggest the most suitable scraping tool.

Create scripts (recipes)
We individually select the appropriate tools for solving your task, create ready-made recipes.
We provide Data scientist outsourcing. You can choose to pay by the hour and pay for the project. Just leave your inquiry.

We'll take over all the routine work
Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll find an individual solution for you.
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