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Simple scraping
  • Perfect for simple data tasks
  • 1 websource
  • up to 100 000 records / URLs / pages / lines / rows / DB counts
  • or 500 000 cells / units

  • Any data formats
  • *Reduced price for annual subscription
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Complicated scraping
  • Ideal for major data projects with particular aspects
  • 1 websource
  • up to 100 000 records / URLs / pages / lines / rows / DB counts
  • or 500 000 cells / units
  • Data cleansing
  • PROXY list
  • CAPTCHA Solving
  • Any data formats
  • Personal project manager helping you with data task
  • *Reduced price for annual subscription
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Your custom inquiry
Customized price
  • Our success team can collect data on your special inquiry.
  • Single or multiple websources
  • Scheduling
  • Full managed service
  • No limits for records
  • API and Custom Integration
  • Suits for custom one-time scraping to unique enterprise solutions
  • We will take over all the routine with web scraping task.

  • Need help with your project?
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Standart plan
Professional plan
Personal Data Project
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How to describe your data needs
Let us help you if there's any hesitation.
This is what you should know when requesting a scraping project:

  1. If you're certain about the web source to scrape from, share it with us and then we'll do the scraping. We can collect data from different web sources – say, we scrape for hashtag scraping, for sightseeing database collecting, for real estate needs.

  2. If you don't have a clear idea of the scraping web source, just leave an inquiry.
    Below are some examples of our customers' inquiries.
    "I need companies from the travel industry for my survey."
    "I am looking for all the online mentions of one company. Geographiс region: Western Europe"
    "We need to pull data from website with some key words.We need all data with geographical information"

  3. A Guide to Web Scraping with FindDataLab will help in any cases.
    We are always here for you.