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Top data extraction solutions

Data extraction from a website
Provide us with a URL and we will do the rest. FindDataLab's data extraction tools will handle JavaScript and dynamically loading websites, as well as use proxies and time-outs to extract data in a timely and ethical manner. We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences. We like what we do.
Data extraction Excel
Gather data from multiple Excel files and combine them in a new data table, thus saving man-hours. Or perform automated market research by providing us with parameters that need to be entered into a web page in order to extract data. Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.

Data analysis
FindDataLab provides data scientist outsourcing for your analyzing needs. We will bring a trusted data scientist up to speed and provide them with the data set. They will perform the analysis and get back to you with the results. You can choose to pay by the hour or set a project-based fee. Tell us what you're looking for and we will do the rest.
Data extraction from graphs
By reverse-engineering the process of data visualization, we can extract the numerical data from various graphs, plots, charts or even maps. Gather the data needed for your research quickly and efficiently.
Data extraction scheduling
Harvest data once a month, once a week, once a day or once an hour. Data extraction scheduling allows you to run ad hoc reports for your business and stay on top of things.
Extract data from pdf
Extract specific attributes from multiple pdf files and aggregate the data in an Excel data table. We can extract a specific part of multiple pdf files, so you wouldn't have to spend time doing tedious, repetitive work.

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Data extraction is the backbone of a modern business intelligence toolkit.

Use FindDataLab to get the data needed to fuel your research.
We will harvest data quickly and efficiently so that you could get the finished product as soon as possible. Use big data to gather meaningful insight into your business or research and take it to the next level.
How does it work?
With FindDataLab you can harvest data from multiple different websites or multiple pages of one web page. Our data extraction tools will crawl the web and extract the data that you need. We can scrape one site or combine the data extracted from multiple sources. After that, we will apply the appropriate data wrangling solutions to clean up your data and provide you with an analysis-ready data set. All you have to do is choose the output file format.

Web crawling, web scraping and data wrangling

The three cornerstones of data extraction - web crawling, web scraping, and data wrangling are all incorporated into FindDataLab's web scraping toolkit.
Web crawling
Web crawling is the act of browsing the web in an automated manner. This can be done either by visiting a number of predetermined links or by dynamically finding relevant links or attributes and taking note of them.
Web scraping
Web scraping represents the process of extracting specific data from a web page. Depending on the source, the output might be structured and thus - suitable for analysis straight away. More commonly, however, the raw data is unstructured and needs to be prepared for analysis.

Depending on how much data you require, web pages will need to get crawled and scraped repeatedly hundreds or thousands of times. This is no easy task, but FindDataLab has got you covered. We will use proxies and rotate IP addresses, time-out requests and come up with asynchronous computing solutions so that you wouldn't have to. The requests sent using our data extraction tools will not get blocked and the data set will be in your hands in no time.

Data wrangling
After scraping, the unstructured data set goes through the process of data wrangling or data clean up, i.e. removing symbols and whitespaces, deciding how to handle duplicate results, missing values and so on. In this step, the data gets aggregated and structured per your specifications.
— What can you do with structured data?
— Use structured data to perform data analysis in order to gain insights into various processes either for your business or research.

Choose FindDataLab to harvest data repeatedly. Monthly, weekly or daily data extraction can help you run ad hoc reports for your business and stay on top of things. Use the data in your favor - perform e-commerce market research, gather social media data, aggregate content and generate leads.

FindDataLab can help you with all of this and more.
— How data extraction can help you?
— Say you needed to gather information about all car crashes in a specific region – the address, when did it happen and what type of a crash it was. FindDataLab can extract this information and provide it to you in an Excel spreadsheet, as well as get the specific coordinates – latitude and longitude - using Google's API.

The extracted data can be brought to you in various file formats - CSV, Excel, and others. You name it, we can compute it.
This is just one example of how you can use FindDataLab to get a custom solution for your data extraction needs.

Tell us about your ideas and we will help you find the best solution.
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