Customized search engine and web scraping system powered by Machine Learning

Based on technical expertise of our data engineers and focused on comfort of our customers, we create accessible and easy-to-use web scraping service.

No programming skills needed.
First of all we carefully examine your request and do preliminary research. This includes selecting possible sources for data collection and checking if the information they provide is relevant and can be scraped legally. Based on the results of the research we set up the crawler.
To scrape data from website, we use a customized search engine. It is similar to the ones that global search engines use like Google or Bing. The main distinction of our customized search engine is the way we process the data: extraction and format conversion are always perfectly accurate, unlike with plainly surfing through search results pages. We launch a specific search engine instance for every case.
Further, if the task requires, we work on the collected data using Machine Learning algorithms: predictive modelling, function learning, prognosis, and implement sentiment analysis. We process the collected data in 5 steps: data preparation, model creation, model learning, model testing, and output.
In data collection process, we constantly have to check if the data we gather is exactly what our customer needs. At this point business intelligence comes into play.
Is data collection from this source legal?
How should we scrape to do no harm to the website?
Are the present data relevant?
Should they be updated or supplemented with something?
We need answers to these questions to build a complete picture of your business needs.

Our Data as a Service business model lets small and medium enterprises focus on the main processes and stay flexible without increasing the number of employees. We take over a part of technical tasks so that our clients can reduce the load on their internal processes.
We provide a possibility for our customers to receive the needed data without programming or using specific software. There is also no need to agree on software requirements with an IT specialist by yourself - for us, a general description of your task is enough to start. Data as a service model includes data delivery daily, weekly, monthly or once.
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